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Entrevista / Interview - Tom Keifer

Desculpem pela demora, tive alguns problemas pessoais e não deu pra postar!
Sorry for my delay, I had some personal issues and couldn't post!

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Tom Keifer

Nosso herói agora está escrevendo sobre si próprio. E como ele faz isso? RESPONDENDO A PERGUNTAS DOS FÃS!
E a primeira pergunta foi enviada por Fernanda Campos, uma amiga minha! ORGULHO DE QUE A PRIMEIRA PERGUNTA TENHA SIDO DE UMA FÃ BRASILEIRA!

Our hero now writes about himself. And how does he do it? ANSWERING FAN'S QUESTIONS!
And the first question was sent by Fernanda Campos, a friend of mine! PROUD THAT THE FIRST QUESTION HAS BEEN SENT BY A BRAZILIAN FAN!

"Did you imagine that your music would spread around the world, and how do you feel to know that it has?"
From Fernanda Campos

It's hard to imagine when you are first starting that one day your music would reach so many people around the world.
Music was just something that I always loved to do. Like so many things in life, the best things happen when you aren't really trying. 

I feel very fortunate and grateful for all the amazing fans around the world who have brought so much life to the songs I have written! 
I never dreamed in a million years that any of this would happen!

Entrevista / Interview - Tom Keifer

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Entrevista / Interview - Tom Keifer

Mais um pedaço da entrevista do nosso herói... Lembrando que os teasers das músicas voltaram ao site oficial dele

One more piece of our hero's interview... Remembering that the teasers of his songs are back to his official website

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Entrevista / Interview - Tom Keifer

Tom foi entrevistado por Mike Ragogna do HUFF POST. Confiram.
Tom was interviewed by Mike Ragogna for HUFF POST. Check it out.

A Conversation With Tom Keifer
Mike Ragogna: Hey man!
Tom Keifer: Hey, how's it going?
MR: It's going well, how are you, sir?
TK: Very good, very good.
MR: You have a new album and first off I want to tell you that I'm really happy to be talking with you after all these years having worked on a couple of projects together in the past.
TK: Yeah, yeah we go back a ways there, man, and it's been a while since we've talked.
MR: Yeah. I've been aware of your challenges with your vocal cords, and I have to throw out there that this is some of the best singing I've ever heard you do.
TK: Oh, well thanks man. That's nice to hear after what I've been through. I was diagnosed years ago with a partially-paralyzed vocal cord and I've struggled with it for years and I have to train and do therapy every day and keep it in shape, so it's certainly nice to hear that it sounds good, so thank you.
MR: Oh yeah, of course. So let's get the history on how this new solo album came together, the writing, going to the studio, all that.
TK: I wrote for it for a long time. The idea for a solo record started in the nineties when the band kind of parted ways and we left Universal. It was just kind of a changing of the guard at that time and I just started thinking about a solo record, so I wrote for it for many years and the songs kind of just kept going on the pile and I never got around to actually making a record. Then I actually decided to start recording. We started cutting tracks for this record in 2003 and I just kind of went to that pile of songs that had been building up and picked some that I liked and I've just been working on it ever since. It was produced independently of a label, a kind of private investing, because the idea from the beginning was to just kind of make it until I was happy with it. I wrote with a lot of different people--my wife Savannah who's a great writer, co-wrote a lot of the songs on the record and also co-produced the record with me, and a good friend of mine here named Chuck Turner who's a great engineer and producer. So from the beginning, it was just kind of like, "Let's have fun and just make a great record and it'll be done when it's done." Little did we know it'd be nine years later. But here it is and it's done and we went through some crazy stuff and mixed and remixed and reworked things over and over and probably made a lot of mistakes along the way, but finally got it where I was happy with it, so here it is.
MR: How does that phrase about wine go?
TK: "We shall serve no wine before its time," I think is the saying.
MR: Exactly. This writing seems to be more personal than your Cinderella songs. Maybe it's the result of living in the area of the country you're in, Nashville, where songwriting is emphasized.
TK: Well, it's one of the reasons I moved here. I moved here in the mid-nineties when I first started thinking about doing a solo record because at heart, I'm a singer-songwriter and you're only as good as the song that you're singing. You can be the greatest singer or guitarist in the world but if you're not playing and singing a great song... That's always kind of the first priority to me, and I'm always trying to write a better song. When I started working here in the mid-nineties, I saw some insane songwriting and lyrics, and it was like, "Oh, I've got to live here." So I drove down here and bought a house and that was it. I looked at the house and said, "Okay, I'll take that one. Let's start writing songs." It's just a great creative community not only from the songwriting standpoint but the musicianship here is insane, and I had some amazing players on the record, a great rhythm section and keyboard player, and a couple of cool guest guitarists that played on it. I've even got Bobby Keys on one track because he was living here for a while and he played sax on one of the songs. It's just a great town to create music. I love it here.
MR: Yeah, and you're pretty much integrated, right?
TK: Yeah, I've been here since '97.
MR: That means that you must have at least once played The Bluebird?
TK: I have not, but I've been there. I haven't done a Writers Night since I've been here.
MR: Well, when you do your Writers Night give me a ring and I'll jump in the car.
TK: Cool.
MR: Have you got any thoughts about the Cinderella years, sir?
TK: In general? Just great times, man. The four of us just feel like the luckiest people on Earth who have had the kind of good fortune as a band together. We still tour together, it's still the original band and we still get along great. It's still a blast. We were just out this summer for a couple of months touring and I'll always have nothing but fond memories about that. What can you say about what happened in the eighties to us and a bunch of other bands? It was just magic.
MR: I'll bet you made Jon Bon Jovi proud.
TK: I'm sure.
MR: For anybody who's reading this and not catching that, Jon Bon Jovi kind of discovered you, huh?
TK: Yeah. He helped us quite a bit in the beginning there, put a good word in for us at Polygram with this A&R guy that ultimately led to us getting a deal. That was a very cool thing that he did.
MR: So I was bragging about your vocal prowess and I'd like to prove it to everyone. I think "It's Not Enough" might be a good showcase for that, what do you think?
TK: Ooh yeah, that's a good rockin' tune.
MR: Can you give the background on that one? Maybe how you wrote it and all that?
TK: That was co-written with Savannah and a friend of ours, Kent Agee, who lives here in town who's a great songwriter. I don't' know if there's any kind of real story behind that one. We were just sitting around in the living room one night with guitars and that just fell out. Sometimes songs have very interesting stories behind them and sometimes they just fall out. That was one of those where there was just three writers in the room and the next thing you know we, had a pretty cool song.
MR: It's kind of funny how you and I go back a while, but you don't know that I'm also pretty close to Kent Agee.
TK: Oh, you know Kent?
MR: Kent is a good friend.
TK: Oh cool. Kent was one of the writers on "It's Not Enough."
MR: Let's talk about another song, maybe one that's more revealing about you or more personal to you than the rest?
TK: Yeah, there are a couple that are very personal. The one that comes to mind that's probably the most personal is "Thick and Thin," which I wrote for Savannah. It was during a time when she was going through something pretty rough. She moved to Nashville to kind of live out her dreams here as a songwriter and an artist and she got signed to a big company here and they're grooming her as a songwriter and an artist and one day, the hammer just came down. It's the ugly part of the business, and none of us ever understand why sometimes. It's happened to me, it's happened to everyone who's been in the business, but it happened at a time when I was on tour with Cinderella and it was obviously a rough time for her and I was home for maybe a day and a half on a break from the tour and this had just gone down. I saw how heartbroken she was and the day I was leaving, she had an appointment somewhere and she left the house and I was just going to kind of get to the airport on my own; I felt horrible that I had to leave. She had just gotten that news and I know that's a rough thing, so I just sat down at the piano and I wrote that song for her to tell her that I'd always be there for her and I would never do anything like that to her. It was my way of saying that I'll always be there for you. That's how "Thick and Thin" came out, and I did probably the worst work tape demo real quick before I left. I left it on a cassette for her with the lyrics written before I went to the airport. That's how that song came about.
MR: Very sweet. Tom, my traditional question, what advice do you have for new artists?
TK: The best thing I can say is to always be true to what you love to do and to not try to follow trends and just be who you are. Try to write and play things that mean something to you and don't compromise who you are. Trends come and go, but you don't. Eventually the trend's going to be you, if you work hard and stick to what you believe in.
MR: Tom, that's a great line. "Eventually the trend is going to be you."
TK: If you wait long enough and work hard enough, yeah, it's possible.
MR: So else what is up on your agenda? What is happening for the rest of the year and on?
TK: Well we're just kind of getting started on doing press and the buildup to the release in Spring, so we're going to do a radio tour and we're working up to acoustic versions to do on the air, kind of breaking them down to the simplest form--one guitar and just sing the song. We're going to get around and play the record for people and talk to people. We're just getting going here.
MR: Nice. Tom, thank you again, this has been great. We have to have a much longer conversation in the future to really catch up. I wish you all the best. Let's actually talk real soon and have a casual conversation. I appreciate your time today.
TK: Great talking to you, too, Mike.

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Entrevista / Interview - Tom Keifer

Agora a amável esposa dele fala sobre o filho do casal, Jaidan.
Now his lovely wife talks about their son, Jaidan.

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Cifras / Chords - Letras / Lyrics

Gente, é com imensa alegria que eu compartilho isso com vocês. Quando o vídeo de Tom Keifer tocando Ask Me Yesterday ao vivo foi ao ar, eu não resisti e tirei as cifras. Mas só não postei aqui antes porque eu tinha algumas dúvidas com a letra! Mas graças às minhas amigas Aline e Lawana, aqui está tudo completinho para vocês. É o primeiro site/blog a publicar letras e cifras dessa música maravilhosa do Tom Keifer! Espero que vocês gostem, e se não concordarem e quiserem corrigir, o façam nos comentários. Qualquer correção será bem-vinda!

Guys, with huge happiness I share this with you all. When I first saw the video of Tom Keifer playin' Ask Me Yesterday live, I couldn't resist and took the chords by hearing. But I didn't post it before because I had some doubts about the lyrics! But thanks to my friends Aline and Lawana, here it is, everything complete for you! This is the first site or blog that publishes lyrics and chords of this wonderful Tom Keifer's song! I hope you enjoy, if you don't agree and want to correct, do it on comments. Any correction will be appreciated!

Intro chords: Dm Am Am/F G

e |-----------3------------1-1--1--------3-------------0-0-0---------3-------------0--0----3-------|
B |---3/5----5--3/1----3-3--3----3/5---5--3/1---1-1-1----3/5----5--3/1---1--1----3-------|
G |-----------------------2--2--2----------------------2-2-2----------------------2----2----0-------|
D |---------------------0----0--0--------------------2---2-2-------------------3-------3----0-------|
A |-------------------------------------------------0------0-0----------------------------------2-------|
E |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3-------|

                     C  Am/F             C
You're asking me will our love last
     Am                    Am/F             C
If I had to judge the future on the past
          Am/F       C        G                  Am   Am/G
From where I'm standing it's hard to say
I left the right words back
A thousand years away

That's when I had the answers
            C                G
That's when I had a plan
That's when I held tomorrow
            Am/F         G
In the palm of my hand
So ask me yesterday
When my heart was wild
I threw it to the wind
With a reckless smile
And I had all the moves
I knew just what to say
                   Am/F       G
So ask me anything at all
But ask me yesterday

                  C  Am/F           C    G
I'm asking you for my own time
      Am                  Am/F                  C
To help me take a step outside this troubled mind
        Am/F     C        G     Am  Am/G
And looking back to long ago
Am/F                                                  G
Back to when I was young enough to know

That's when I had the answers
            C                G
That's when I had a plan
That's when I held tomorrow
            Am/F         G
In the palm of my hand
So ask me yesterday
When my heart was wild
I threw it to the wind
With a reckless smile
And I had all the moves
I knew just what to say
                   Am/F       G
So ask me anything at all
But ask me yesterday



That's when I had the answers
            C                G
That's when I had a plan

So ask me yesterday
When my heart was wild
I threw it to the wind
With a reckless smile
And I had all the moves
I knew just what to say
                   Am/F       G
So ask me anything at all
But ask me yesterday

Entrevista / Interview - Tom Keifer

De novo... mais um pedaço...
Again... just a little bit...

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Tom Keifer

Pedindo show do Tom Keifer em São Paulo hahahahaha Faça o mesmo em
Demanding Tom Keifer's concert in São Paulo LOL Do the same at

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Entrevista / Interview - Tom Keifer

Demorou mas chegou... mais um pedacinho, e com participação especial.
It took a little long but it's here... one more little piece, and with a special featuring.

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Notícias / News - Tom Keifer

Duas novidades sobre nosso gênio. A primeira é que foram colocados teasers de outras duas faixas do seu álbum solo em seu site oficial. E a segunda é que... MILAGRE! AGORA HÁ UMA CONTA NO TWITTER QUE REALMENTE PARECE SER OFICIAL! Bom, vou continuar averiguando, porque provavelmente ele é o cara que mais tem fakes no twitter...

O site para checar as músicas é e a conta do twitter é

Two great news about our genius. The first is that two song teasers of his solo album are available for listening on his official website. And de second is that... MIRACLE! NOW THERE IS AN ACCOUNT ON TWITTER THAT SEEM TO BE OFFICIAL! Well, will keep investigating, because probably he is one of the guys which has more fake accounts on Twitter...

Check the songs out on the website and the Twitter account is

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Notícias / News - Projetos / Projects - Jeff LaBar

Bom, descansar pra que, não é mesmo? Jeff LaBar também, para nossa alegria, está envolvido em um projeto solo. Já estou sabendo disso há algum tempo, mas claro que eu não ia ser a primeira a dar a notícia. hoje o perfil do MORC publicou uma foto dele em estúdio. Agora, vamos aguardar mais informações!

Well, why take a rest? Jeff LaBar, for our joy, is also involved in a solo project. I know about that there's a few days, but of course I would not be the first to spread the word. Today, MORC published a picture of him, in studio, on its profile in Facebook. Now, let's wait for more info!

Entrevista / Interview - Tom Keifer

Mais uma parte da entrevista dele! Vocês já repararam que todas as segundas, quartas e sextas-feiras nós almoçamos com ele?  rs... E sim... fiquei surpresa quando ele disse Bruno Mars!

One more part of his interview! Did you already notice that every Monday, Wednesday and Friday we have lunch with him? LOL (in Brazil, of course)... And yes... I got surprised when he said Bruno Mars!

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Curiosidades / Trivia

Algumas curiosidades sobre Tom Keifer. Segundo o site WDW , ele sempre foi gateiro. Seguem os nomes dos seus gatos, da época do casamento com Emily Pember.

  • Arthur
  • Solar Flare
  • Mr. Axelrod
  • Shy Boy
  • The Jester
  • Mommy Cat

Não encontrei nada sobre os cães dele, mas já vi muitas fotos dele com cães. Não sei se essas infos são verdadeiras, não me responsabilizo por elas (e as outras que estão no mesmo site - tem uma pessoa lá que falou que ele pegou a Courtney Love, devia estar bêbado pra cacete hahahahaha), por isso estou citando a fonte.

Some trivia about Tom Keifer. According to WDW, he always has been a cat fan. Here the names of their cats, when he was married to Emily Pember:

  • Arthur
  • Solar Flare
  • Mr. Axelrod
  • Shy Boy
  • The Jester
  • Mommy Cat
  • I didn't find anything about his dogs, but I've already seen lots of pictures of him with dogs. I don't know if these info are true, I'm not responsible for them (and other info on the site - someone said that he dated Courtney Love, if he really did it, he should have been fucking drunk LMAO), that's why I'm mentioning the source.

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    Notícias / News

    Chegou a hora de curtimos teasers de duas músicas de Tom Keifer. Estão disponíveis no site oficial do nosso gênio, e se chamam "SOLID GROUND" e "THE FLOWER SONG". São EXCELENTES! Não poderia ser diferente!

    Now it's time to check out some teasers of two Tom Keifer's songs. They're available on our genius' official website, and their names are "SOLID GROUND" and "THE FLOWER SONG". AWESOME! It couldn't be different!

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    Entrevista / Interview - Tom Keifer

    Confesso que não assisti a essa parte da entrevista! Estou muito cansada pois estou em congresso... Mas... Tá aí... Foi liberada!

    I must confess that I didn't watch this part of the interview! I'm very tired 'cause I'm in a congress... But... Here it is... It has been released!

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    Entrevista / Interview - Tom Keifer

    Mais um pedaço da entrevista do Tom Keifer (sem surpresas... hahahaha)
    One more piece of Tom Keifer's interview (no surprises.... LMAO)

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    Projetos / Projects - Fred Coury

    Bom, como vocês sabem, o Fred produz álbuns. E ele produziu recentemente o álbum dos L.A. Kings (Time americano de hóquei) e está disponível para venda no iTunes. Quem quiser adquirir, o link é: 

     Well, as you know, Fred is a producer. He recently produced L.A. Kings soundtrack album (American hockey team) and it's available for sale on iTunes. To whom that wants to buy it, I post the link:

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    Entrevista / Interview - Tom Keifer

    Mas não essa que vocês estão pensando. Ele deu uma entrevista para o Vallejo Times-Herald, de Vallejo, CA. E é sobre um assunto delicado, do qual eu evito falar: os problemas com suas cordas vocais. Não falo  muito sobre isso pois tenho a impressão de que isso faz o cara sofrer, e não quero falar sobre o sofrimento dele, quero falar sobre as coisas boas do Cinderella. O intuito do meu blog é promover o trabalho, e não explorar as desgraças. Porém, como nessa entrevista ele finalmente quebrou o silêncio e falou sobre a depressão que o problema causou nele, acho justo que eu aborde o tema aqui.
    Acrescento que o que aconteceu com o Tom foi tão triste quanto um cirurgião que perdeu os movimentos da mão ou um corredor que perdeu uma das pernas. E tudo nessa vida é superação, ele é um grande exemplo, tanto quanto Rick Allen, do Def Leppard. Fico muito feliz que ele tenha superado!
    Adiciono também um vídeo no qual ele fala sobre o cara que salvou sua voz. Espero que vocês se emocionem o mesmo tanto que eu me emocionei!

    Abaixo a transcrição da entrevista, que pode ser lida também diretamente no link:
    E depois o vídeo.

    But it's not what you are thinking. He was interviewed by Vallejo Times-Herald, from Vallejo, CA. And it's about a complicated subject, which I use to avoid talk about: his issues with the vocal chords. I don't talk too much about it because I makes me think that hurts him, and I don't wanna talk about his suffering, wanna talk about good things of Cinderella. The goal of my blog is promote the work, not exploit the sorrow. However, as on this interview he finally broke the silence and spoke about the depression that issue caused to him, I think it's fair put it here.
    I add that what happened to Tom was as sad as a surgeon that lost his hands moves or a runner that lost one of his legs. And everything in this life is overcoming, he is a great example of it, as Def Leppard's Rick Allen. I'm so happy that he overcame!
    And I also add a video, in which he speaks about the man who save his voice. I hope it touchs all of you as it did to me!

    Below the transcription of the interview, that can be read alson on
    And then, the video


    Wicked vocal chord ailment doesn't stop Cinderella front man

    By Rich Freedman/

    Gig to gig, tour to tour, recording to recording. Tom Keifer's voice was always there. Like a hunting dog that never left his side. Or a car that always started in the cold.
    "I was able to sing night after night," Keifer said. "And never had a problem."

    But, like a pitcher who never thought his fastball would vanish, Keifer took his growling, screaming vocals for

    "I was guilty of that," he said.

    When you're the front man for Cinderella -- a hard rock band discovered by Jon Bon Jovi -- it's not a good thing
    to do.

    "I had no formal training on the voice. If I did five nights in a row or something, I'd maybe be a little hoarse," 
    Keifer said. "I never thought of my voice not
    being there."

    What vocalist ever thinks their pipes will go south? It's like Einstein forgetting how to add. But, in 1991, it happened. Keifer's vocal chords were basically paralyzed from a virus. He could talk fine. But his voice couldn't hit certain

    And Keifer's career went from hard rock to on the rocks.

    "If someone who didn't sing got this, they may not even notice," he said. "It started a long trail of trying
     to find answers. It was pretty weird."

    How bad was it?

    "A doctor told me I would never sing again," Keifer said
    His performing was shelved for three years "between trying to figure out what was wrong and going to 
    different doctors."

    Six surgeries later, Keifer finally found a vocal coach with some answers who taught him how to keep 
    pressure off his chords. He retrained his voice.

    And now, with Cinderella still touring, Keifer's out with a solo album and stopped into the Bay Area
     recently for some quick promotion work. And yes, again answering questions about his freak ailment.

    "It's not my favorite subject," Keifer said. "It was a traumatic thing to go through. I still go through it every day."

    Cinderella's toured three straight years and Keifer's maintained his acclaimed vocals.

    "Each year I've felt stronger and stronger," he said.

    No, Keifer said, he's not been tempted to tell the doctor off who said he would never sing again.

    "I'm not like that," he said. "He was right, in retrospect, because the condition is devastating and there's no cure. There was a denial period. I still struggle to keep it in shape."

    Keifer said that fans and band mates may be OK with his voice, he knows it's not as it was.

    "Here I am almost 19 years and it's never been the same," he said. "I think about that almost
    every day."

    Still, he quickly added, "I'm better than I've ever been since the problem," he said. "It (the problem) 
    still rears its ugly head, but I'm getting more consistent."

    The psychological part of the illness "is huge," Keifer said. "It effects every part of your personality. 
    It made me reclusive. I never wanted to play music or socialize. I was in serious depression
    for years."

    Keifer "went through a gamut of emotions. Still do. I'm getting better. There's a little more confidence
     walking up on stage."

    The solo album -- still untitled -- has been a great experience, Keifer said.

    "The idea was to make a record I was really proud of and do what I wanted to do," he said.

    The recording started in 2003 and final master complete Spring, 2011. It's due for release in
    early 2013.

    "I thought it would be done in a year," he said, laughing that it took so long, three recording systems 
    came and went via technology.

    "It was fun to make in terms of creating it," said Keifer, writing some of the tunes in his Nashville home 
    with his wife, Savanna.

    It's always about the music,
    he said.

    "I didn't pick up a guitar when I was 8 because I wanted to be famous," Keifer said. "That was
     something that comes in the territory when music is accepted on a massive scale. I set out to
     be a real good musician. It felt good to pick up a guitar and play something well."

    Never, said Keifer, will he take the fans for granted.

    "If I'm able to talk to a fan or sign an autograph, I don't try to avoid it," he said. "I'm very grateful
    and aware of the fact they've fueled the life I've been able to have. "

    Keifer no longer overlooks his vocal or performing talents.

    "I love performing and touring. There's nothing else I want to do," he said. "I want to sing. 
    That's what keeps me going."

    And, in 2013, it's been 30 years since Cinderella began as the band joins some of metal's
     noted bands in the the Monsters of Rock Cruise in March.

    "It's crazy," Keifer said. "Sometimes it seems that long. Sometimes it seems it's 
    gone by in a blink of an eye


    Entrevista / Interview - Tom Keifer

    Adorei essa!
    I loved this one!

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    Projetos / Projects - Eric Brittingham

    Estamos falando muito sobre o Tom Keifer, mas há uma novidade sobre Eric Brittingham. Ele está envolvido em um projeto - não um novo projeto, quer dizer, o projeto já existe mas é novo para ele - chamado Lost Angels. Já estou sabendo disso há algum tempo, perguntei algo a ele no Twitter e ele foi um tanto quanto evasivo, então preferi não insistir. Mas hoje o site Hair Metal Mansion divulgou que o Lost Angels, que conta com John Corabi (Union, Mötley Crüe, The Scream, Ratt) nos vocais, Eric Dover (Slash's Snakepit, Sextus, Alice Cooper, Jellyfish) na guitarra, Troy Patrick Farrell (White Lion, Pretty Boy Floyd, Gilby Clarke) na bateria e Eric Brittingham no baixo, fará três apresentações na Austrália em dezembro. Segue o cartaz do supergrupo e o link da notícia. Agora vamos aguardar para talvez uma ou duas apresentações do Lost Angels no Brasil. Seria maravilhoso ter o Eric Brittingham aqui!

    We are talking too much about Tom Keifer, but there are some news about Eric Brittingham. He is working on a project - not a new one, I mean, the project already exists but it's new for him - called Lost Angels. I already knew about that there are a couple of days, I asked something to him on Twitter and he was a little bit evasive, so I decided not insist. But today the website Hair Metal Mansion spread that Lost Angels, with John Corabi (Union, Mötley Crüe, The Scream, Ratt) on lead vocals, Eric Dover (Slash's Snakepit, Sextus, Alice Cooper, Jellyfish) on guitar, Troy Patrick Farrell (White Lion, Pretty Boy Floyd, Gilby Clarke) on drums and Eric Brittingham on bass guitar, will play three concerts in Australia next december. Following below the supergroup poster and the news link. Now let's wait to, who knows, one or two gigs of Lost Angels in Brazil. It would be wonderful have Eric Brittingham over here!

    sábado, 6 de outubro de 2012

    Página no Facebook / Page on Facebook

    Curta a página do Gypsy Pumpkin - A Tribute to Cinderella no Facebook. Fotos, notícias, vídeos, brincadeiras e em breve um presente de aniversário do maior blog sobre Cinderella do Brasil.

    Like the page of Gypsy Pumpkin - A Tribute to Cinderella on Facebook. Pictures, news, videos, plays and soon a birthday gift from the biggest Cinderella blog in Brazil.


    sexta-feira, 5 de outubro de 2012

    Rádio (for Brazilians)

    Boa noite! Eu gostaria de apresentar a vocês um grande trabalho. Recentemente tive a oportunidade de conhecer, via Twitter, uma grande pessoa. É o Avellar. Um cara super inteligente, super cabeça, antenado. Primeiramente me chamaram a atenção seus posts sobre política. Inteligentes, pois vão de acordo com a contra cultura, fazendo o que eu sempre fiz: CONTESTANDO O SISTEMA. Sempre curti essas coisas, e vi que ele tem muito em comum comigo, na forma de pensar, principalmente. Mas por trás de uma pessoa super politizada (o que falta por aqui) há um grande amante de duas coisas: radiodifusão e Rock n' Roll. E ele criou uma rádio via web que é sensacional, um projeto totalmente inovador! E toca o melhor do Rock Clássico, um prato cheio para nós, fãs do mais maravilhoso Rock n'Roll!
    Convido vocês a curtirem sua página no facebook e também a assinarem a rádio. Vale a pena, vocês vão amar!
    Rádio Rock Puro, há seis anos fazendo o   Rock mais honesto da web! Acessem!!!!

    quinta-feira, 4 de outubro de 2012

    terça-feira, 2 de outubro de 2012

    Notícias / News

    Mais uma pergunta respondida por Tom Keifer. É... a porra ficou séria! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Não para, Tom, por favor!

    One more question answered by Tom Keifer. Yes... it's getting serious! LOL DON'T STOP IT, TOM, PLEASE!

    quinta-feira, 27 de setembro de 2012

    Entrevista / Interview

    Primeira entrevista de uma série, já como parte da preparação para o lançamento de seu álbum solo. VAI LÁ, TOM! Nela ele fala de quando decidiu seguir a carreira musical.

    First of several interviews, as part of the warm up for new solo album release. ROCK ON TOM! On this, he tells when he decided to make music his career.


    quarta-feira, 26 de setembro de 2012

    quarta-feira, 19 de setembro de 2012





    quinta-feira, 6 de setembro de 2012


    Oi gente! Bom... eu já tinha visto esse vídeo há um tempo atrás... mas sabe quando vc esquece? Então... aí hoje meu amigo Mauro me lembrou dele!
    É a cover de 'Nobody's Fool' feita pela banda Sin City Sinners... Porém... Com a participação mais que especial de Jeff LaBar. Espero que vcs curtam!

    Hi guys! Well... I had seen this video long ago... but, do you know that time when we forget about something? So... then my friend Mauro made me remember it today!
    It's 'Nobody's Fool' cover made by Sin City Sinners... But... With more than special feature of Jeff LaBar. Hope you like it!

    quinta-feira, 30 de agosto de 2012

    Entrevista / Interview

    Entrevista de Tom Keifer e Fred Coury para o Hard Rock Nights.

    Tom Keifer and Fred Coury's Interview to Hard Rock Nights.

    (thanks to Marco)

    segunda-feira, 27 de agosto de 2012

    Notícias / News - Cinderella confirmado no MORC 2013

    É oficial: Cinderella no MORC 2013. Fiz as contas e isso sairia em torno de US$ 2000,00 (R$ 4000,00) por pessoa para ir de São Paulo a Fort Lauderdale e embarcar nessa viagem maravilhosa que vai ter, além do Cinderella, vai ter Vixen, Lita Ford, Stryper, Tesla, Queensryche, Kix, Saxon, ARCADE (isso mesmo, a banda do Fred Coury com o Stephen Pearcy), Y&T, Great White, Londo Quireboys, Nelson, Dangerous Toys, Loudness, Lynch Mob, LA Guns, Keel, Helix, Faster Pussycat, Enuff Z'nuff, Bang Tango, XYZ, Femme Fatale, Black n' Blue, Alcatrazz, John Corabi, Ted Poley, dentre outras. Como eu sou casada, não iria JAMAIS sozinha, e realmente não dá.Só se eu ganhar na loteria.
    Enfim... Vamos sentir mais um pouco de inveja de quem vai. Aproveitem!

    It's official: Cinderella on MORC 2013. I did the math and it would cost US$2000,00 per person to go from São Paulo to Fort Lauderdale and board on this wonderful travel that will have not only Cinderella but lots of great bands (see above). As I'm married, I will NEVER go alone, and it's really impossible. Only if I win the lottery.
    Well... Let's get more jealous of those who are going. Have fun!

    Quem quiser comprar / those who want to buy...

    terça-feira, 21 de agosto de 2012

    Video - Tom Keifer

    Música do álbum de Tom Keifer. SIMPLESMENTE DEMAIS, UMA DAS MAIS LINDAS QUE JÁ OUVI! Sem comentários adicionais.

    Song from Tom Keifer's solo album. SIMPLY AWESOME, ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SONGS I'VE EVER HEARD! No additional comments.

    segunda-feira, 20 de agosto de 2012


    Acho que o que tanto esperávamos está para acontecer. Hoje o site entrou no ar. Ontem foi o último show da turnê 2012 do Cinderella e aparentemente era essa a programação. E, de cara, tivemos uma notícia MARAVILHOSA!
    Tudo indica que no próximo outono (ou seja, primavera nos EUA) teremos o lançamento do álbum solo do Tom Keifer. Esse tão esperado álbum foi pré anunciado no cruzeiro, mas era tudo muito extra-oficial. E com uma descrição capaz de deixar fãs como eu com água na boca, o lançamento foi praticamente anunciado pelo site oficial.
    Outra coisa que me surpreendeu - e me assustou - foi o lançamento da página oficial do Tom Keifer no Facebook. Aparentemente foi criada em julho, mas começou a publicar há poucos dias. Essa entrada abrupta do Tom Keifer no mundo digital me surpreendeu bastante, já que ele sempre se afastou de redes sociais. Mas o lançamento de um novo álbum - principalmente de um álbum solo - pede marketing, e esse é o jogo.
    Agora, vamos esperar o lançamento, mais ansiosos do que já estávamos. Confesso que fazia muito tempo que eu não me sentia tão animada com algo.
    Confiram no site oficial do nosso gênio a descrição daquele que promete ser um grande lançamento para 2013. Só de ler fiquei louca!

    I think that what we were waiting for will be happen soon. Today the website came out. Yesterday Cinderella did the last concert on 2012 tour, and apparently this was the script. And, at first, we had WONDERFUL news!
    Seems that next fall (I mean, spring in USA) Tom Keifer will realease his solo album. He talked about something like that on the cruise, but it wasn't official. And with a description that made fans like me get so excited, the official website practicaclly announced the album.
    Another thing that suprised me - and also scared me - was the release of Tom Keifer's official fanpage on Facebook. Seemed to be created by July, but they started posting few days ago. This Tom Keifer's introduction to the digital world surprised me so bad, because he was always  apart of social networks. But a new album release - specially a solo album - needs marketing, and this is the game.
    Now, let's wait the release, more excited than we already were. I gotta confess that I didn't felt so excited about anything like I'm doing now.
    Check our genius official website for the description of what promisses to be one of the greatest releases in 2013. Just reading made me insane!

    terça-feira, 14 de agosto de 2012

    Tour 2012 - Pix - Tom Keifer

    Oi! Quero agradecer imensamente ao amigo David Castagno, que gentilmente me cedeu essas fotos. Foram tiradas no Pacific Amphitheatre, Costa Mesa, CA, último dia 3 de agosto, durante show da turnê 2012 do Cinderella.
    Só Tom Keifer pra vocês!

    Hi! Wanna thank my friend David Castagno, who kindly sent me these pictures. They were taken on Pacific Amphitheatre, Costa Mesa, CA, last 3rd August, during 2012 Cinderella Tour show.
    Only Tom Keifer for you!

    *The pictures were watermarked with Gypsy Pumpkin logo because they were given to me by the author, who allowed me to put on this blog*

    terça-feira, 7 de agosto de 2012


    Novo site do Jeff LaBar está no ar! Confiram! Tá bem legal!

    New Jeff LaBar's website on air! Check it out! Looks really cool!

    segunda-feira, 6 de agosto de 2012

    terça-feira, 17 de julho de 2012


    Eu ia postar isso amanhã... mas não resisti... aproveitando que eu me empolguei e upei esse vídeo... Cinderella ao vivo no Greensboro, em 2000, com um presente do Fred Coury... Ele tocando o piano e o solo de Heartbreak Station, SÓ QUE NO VIOLINO!

    I was supposed to post this tomorrow... but I couldn't stand...
    Cinderella live on Greensboro, in 2000, with a gift from Fred Coury... He played Heartbreak Station piano and solo, BUT ON VIOLIN!

    Entrevista/Interview - Jeff LaBar

    Entrevista deste ano! Vou postar apenas o link... confiram que vale a pena... JEFF, VOCÊ É DEMAIS!

    Interview taken this year! I'll post only the link... check it out, it worths... JEFF, YOU ROCK!

    sexta-feira, 29 de junho de 2012


    Muita gente tem sorte nesse mundo. Meu grande amigo Mauro Garcia foi para a Filadélfia visitar alguns pontos turísticos relacionados à saga do grande filme Rocky, o Lutador, e teve a oportunidade de viajar a New Jersey, no último dia 26/6, para assistir ao Cinderella.
    Segundo ele, há um presente para mim, e este é um aperitivo. Vamos ver o que ele vai fazer né hahahahaha...
    Só sei que teremos algo bem legal aqui nos próximos dias, assim que ele voltar!

    There is so much lucky people in this world. My great friend Mauro Garcia went to Philadelphia to visit some sight related to the motionpicture Rocky, and had the chance to go to New Jersey, last June 26th, to watch Cinderella live.
    According to him, there is a gift to me, and this is a snippet of it. Let's see what he'll do...
    I only know that we will have something cool in a few days, when he comes back!

    terça-feira, 26 de junho de 2012


    Night Songs Home Video... Keifer deixando a galera DOIDA e perdendo a cartola!
    Night Songs Home Video... Keifer making people INSANE and losing the hat!

    quinta-feira, 21 de junho de 2012


    Tom Keifer para Mark Slaughter

    Fofocas / Gossip

    Bom, vamos dar um pouco de risada?
    O post de hoje é sobre uma inimizade dos caras do Cinderella... Como todas as bandas, há rusgas entre o Cinderella e uma outra banda contemporânea, o Slaughter.
    Sou fã das duas bandas. O Slaughter surgiu do Vinnie Vincent Invasion, quando o vocalista Mark Slaughter e o baixista Dana Strum (odeio esse cara hahahaha) cansaram de babar ovo de Vinnie Vincent (ex-Kiss) e decidiram montar uma banda per si. Chamaram para a guitarra o saudoso Tim Kelly (um dos melhores na minha humilde opinião) e para a bateria o grande Blas Elias (atualmente Blue Men Group). O maior hit do Slaughter foi Fly to the Angels, realmente uma obra prima, mas também podemos citar Spend My Life, Real Love, Mad About You, Eye to Eye e Days Gone By. Porém, por ser uma banda mais nova, na época em que o Cinderella estava no auge, eles foram uma mera banda de abertura de outras grandes bandas, dentre elas o próprio Cinderella.
    Segundo o site Metal Sludge, do nosso querido Stevie Rachelle, Eric Brittingham contou a história completa desse "desentendimento". Eric deu uma entrevista ao Sludge e, nessa entrevista, deu algumas declarações polêmicas sobre Dana Strum e sobre o Slaughter. Só que acho que bateu, sei lá, um arrependimento, ou talvez uma sede de justiça, e Eric mandou um email para o site, explicando os fatos da briga. O post e a entrevista completos vocês podem ver no próprio Metal Sludge, no seguinte link
    Vou dar mais destaque à briga. Segundo Brittingham, em seu email, o Slaughter era a banda de abertura do Cinderella na turnê europeia do álbum Heartbreak Station. Dana começou "cagando na retranca", e em uma entrevista disse que o Cinderella era uma droga e que abrir para eles era uma merda, e que a verdadeira razão das vendas dos ingressos era o Slaughter (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA QUE BABACA!), e que eles iriam "explodir" o Cinderella no palco (coitado!). Eric, claro, ficou puto da vida, disse que na verdade queria bater em Strum (kkkkkkkkkkk já já eu posto o trocadilho que fiz com o nome dele, foi inevitável), mas acabou deixando pra lá. Eles tocaram no Reino Unido e, então, foram aconselhados pelas autoridades americanas neste país a encerrar a turnê pois havia começado a Guerra do Golfo, havia ameaças de bombas, e que não havia segurança para prosseguir. O Cinderella então suspendeu a turnê por questões de segurança, tanto da banda, quanto da equipe e dos fãs. Eles não conseguiram um voo de volta para os EUA e fretaram um avião. A equipe do Slaughter voltou com o Cinderella. Depois, o Slaughter fez uma turnê promocional e, em entrevistas à imprensa, membros da banda acusaram os caras do Cinderella de serem fracos. O Cinderella decidiu mesmo assim, dois meses depois, continuar a turnê americana e no primeiro dia de show, Tom Keifer abriu a revista RIP e viu uma entrevista com Mark Slaughter. Eis que estava escrito, sobre o Cinderella: "A banda estava excessivamente paranoica com a ameaça de terrorismo. Merda, White Lion, Warrant e David Lee Roth ainda estavam lá para tocar, e eu queria tocar, assim como minha banda. Foi um movimento covarde". Bom, tocado de ódio por essa declaraçãozinha vagabunda, Tom Keifer pegou Mark Slaughter pelo pescoço, o encostou na parede (MEU HERÓI! AMEI ISSO!) e usando-se de palavras muito duras que o Eric não citou, disse a Mark que, se tivesse algo a falar sobre o Cinderella, que dissesse olhando nas caras deles! Mark, balançando e com lágrimas nos olhos (ISSO QUE É COVARDIA! ISSO É SER COVARDE!) disse que não era bem isso. Eric ainda adiu que nada tem contra Blas e achava Tim Kelly um cara legal, mas que não suporta Mark e Dana.
    Mark, depois, na mesma revista, disse que havia confirmado a Tom que havia falado tudo aquilo. Mas como o próprio Metal Sludge diz, e eu acredito, Mark Slaughter não tem bolas no saco!
    Eu particularmente acredito no Eric, já que a fama de Mark Slaughter e principalmente de Dana Strum(E) (entenderam o trocadilho? kkkkk) não é muito boa. Acho mais fácil ter acontecido como o Eric contou. E também, sou uma super fã do Cinderella... Se eu não tomar partido deles... Quem vai tomar?
    Vamos analisar a situação mais friamente: Dana StrumE fala que o Slaughter era a razão para os ingressos terem sido esgotados, certo? Então por que eles não tocaram sozinhos? Por que reclamar a saída do Cinderella? TRABALHA SOZINHO, BABACA! E cadê a coragem de falar na cara do Tom Keifer o que falou na revista? Deve ter se mijado inteiro quando viu o homem nervoso!
    Então... FATALITY, TOM KEIFER WINS! E pau no cu do Slaughter! Embora eu continue gostando bastante das músicas deles ahahahahahaha! E isso se chama PROFISSIONALISMO... Coisa que Dana Strum(e) e Mark Slaughter desconhecem, aparentemente!
    No link que eu postei, há todos dos detalhes em inglês da briga, assim como toda a entrevista do nosso baixista favorito!

    So, let’s have a few laughs?
    Today’s post is about a Cinderella’s hostility… As all the bands, there are some disagreements between Cinderella and another contemporary band, Slaughter.
    I’m a fan of both bands. Slaughter appeared from Vinnie Vincent Invasion, when lead vocalist Mark Slaughter and bassist Dana Strum (I hate this guy LMAO) were fed up of being ass-kissers of Vinnie Vincent (ex-Kiss) and decided to create a band. They called for guitar Tim Kelly (one of the best in my humble opinion) and for the drums Blas Elias (today in Blue Men Group). Slaughter’s greatest hit was Fly to the Angels, really a masterpiece, but we can also mention Spend My Life, Real Love, Mad About You, Eye to Eye and Days Gone By. But, as Slaughter was a new band when Cinderella was on top, they played as an opening band of a few bands, including Cinderella. According to our dear Steve Rachelle’s website Metal Sludge, Eric Brittingham told the complete story of this “disagreement”. Eric has been interviewed by the Sludge and, on this interview, made some controversy statements about Dana Strum and Slaughter. But I think that he felt a little bit regretful, I don’t know, or maybe he felt thirsty for justice, and Eric sent an e-mail to the site, explaining details of the fight. The complete post and interview you can check out on Metal Sludge by clicking the link
    I’ll highlight the fight. According to Brittingham, on his message, Slaughter was the band which was opening for Cinderella on the European Heartbreak Station tour. Dana started fucking all around and in an interview said that Cinderella was a shit and the reason for the tickets have been sold out was Slaughter (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA WHATTA FUCKING ASSHOLE!), and that they would blow them off the stage (I really feel sorry for an idiot that thinks like that!). Eric, of course, got pissed off. He said that he wanted to beat the living crap out of him (hahaha), but decided to forget about that. They played in the UK and, so the Gulf War started on that moment, they had been advised to stop the tour because there were some terrorism menaces and there was no security to continue. Cinderella suspended the tour for band’s, crew’s and fans’ safety. They couldn’t get a flight to come back to USA, so they charted an airplane and both crews (Cinderella and Slaughter) flew back to USA. Afterwards, Slaughter did a promotional tour and, on interviews, members of the band said that Cinderella members were weak. The guys decided, even with these facts, continue the American tour two months later and, on the first show, Tom Keifer checked on RIP magazine an interview with Mark Slaughter. It was written on the magazine, about Cinderella: “The band was over-paranoid about the threat of terrorism. Shit, White Lion, Warrant and David Lee Roth are still going over there to play.  And I wanted to play; so did the band.  It was a chickenshit move". So, touched by hate because of this ridiculous statement, Tom Keifer grabbed Mark Slaughter throat, slammed him against the wall (MY HERO! I LOVED THAT!) and, in harsher words that Eric couldn’t mention, said to Mark that, if he had something to say about Cinderella, say it to their faces. Mark, shaking and almost crying (IT MEANS ‘TO BE WEAK’) tried to say they made it up. Eric also said that he had nothing against Blas and thought Tim Kelly was really cool, but he can’t stand Mark and Dana.
    Months later, Mark, on the same magazine, said that has confirmed to Tom what had said on the interview. But as Metal Sludge says, and I believe, Mark Slaughter doesn’t have nuts on his balls sack.
    I, privately, believe in Eric, since Mark Slaughter’s, and especially Dana StrumE’s (I’ll explain it later) fames are not good at all. I think it’s much more likely to happen what Eric told. And, besides, I’m a super fan of Cinderella’s… If I don’t take their side… Who else will? Let’s study this situation coldly: Dana StrumE told that Slaughter was the reason for the tickets being sold out, right? So why the fucking hell they didn’t play by their own? Why complaining about Cinderella cancelling their tour? WORK BY YOUR OWN, JERK! And where is the courage to say looking to Tom Keifer’s eyes what he said on the magazine? He must have all pissed when saw that nervous man!
    So... Fatality, Tom Keifer Wins! And FUCK Slaughter! Although I’ll keep liking their songs LMAO! And this I can call PROFESSIONALISM... Something that Dana StrumE and Mark Slaughter seem don’t know.
    On the link I posted, there is all fight details, in English, and also our favorite bassist’s interview! And, explaining that E I’ve put after Dana’s last name: in Portuguese, ESTRUME, pronounced “strume”, is BULL SHIT!


    sexta-feira, 15 de junho de 2012

    terça-feira, 12 de junho de 2012


    Bom, não só o Tom Keifer participou de faixas de outros artistas. Hoje trago a vocês algo sobre o Eric Brittingham. Além de já ter tocado no lugar de Bobby Dall, Eric também tocou baixo em algumas faixas de dois dos maiores álbuns da carreira solo do líder do Poison, Bret Michaels. Segundo o site Heavy Harmonies, Eric Brittingham foi um dos responsáveis pelas linhas de baixo do álbum Freedom of Sound, dividindo essa função com Jamie Laritz. Já o álbum Rock My World, também da carreira solo do vocalista do Poison, também conta com o baixo de Eric, provavelmente por conter músicas do Freedom of Sound, ou vice-versa.
    Então, nosso vídeo de hoje não será sobre o Cinderella, e sim uma canção solo de Bret Michaels. Na minha opinião, uma das músicas mais lindas que Bret já escreveu. Chama-se "Raine" e foi feita em homenagem à sua filha, Raine Elizabeth. Está nos dois álbuns que eu citei.

    Well, not only Tom Keifer recorded tracks with other artists. Today I'm bringing to you something about Eric Brittingham. Besides replacing Bobby Dall, Eric also played bass in some tracks on two of the most important Poison's leader Bret Michaels' solo career albuns. According to the website Heavy Harmonies, Eric Brittingham was one of the responsibles for bass guitar lines on album 'Freedom of Sound', switching it with Jamie Laritz. And 'Rock My World', also of Poison's lead singer solo career, count on some Eric's bass, probably because it contains some songs of 'Freedom of Sound', or vice-versa.
    So, today's video won't be about Cinderella, but a Bret Michaels' solo song. In my oppinion, one of the most beautiful lyrics Bret has written. It's called 'Raine' and he wrote it as a tribute to his daughter, Raine Elizabeth. It's on both albuns I mentioned.

    sexta-feira, 8 de junho de 2012


    Mais uma participação especial de Tom Keifer. Agora em 2000, na gravação da faixa Zig Zag, do álbum solo de Jim Peterik (Survivor). Tom faz vocais nessa música.

    One more special featuring by Tom Keifer. Now in 2000, on the track called Zig Zag, from Jim Peterik's (Survivor) solo album. Tom did some vocals on this song.

    (Obrigado ao Cleiton "Crosby", do AOR Night Drive, que descobriu essa pra mim!)