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Entrevista / Interview - Tom Keifer

Desculpem pela demora, tive alguns problemas pessoais e não deu pra postar!
Sorry for my delay, I had some personal issues and couldn't post!

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Tom Keifer

Nosso herói agora está escrevendo sobre si próprio. E como ele faz isso? RESPONDENDO A PERGUNTAS DOS FÃS!
E a primeira pergunta foi enviada por Fernanda Campos, uma amiga minha! ORGULHO DE QUE A PRIMEIRA PERGUNTA TENHA SIDO DE UMA FÃ BRASILEIRA!

Our hero now writes about himself. And how does he do it? ANSWERING FAN'S QUESTIONS!
And the first question was sent by Fernanda Campos, a friend of mine! PROUD THAT THE FIRST QUESTION HAS BEEN SENT BY A BRAZILIAN FAN!

"Did you imagine that your music would spread around the world, and how do you feel to know that it has?"
From Fernanda Campos

It's hard to imagine when you are first starting that one day your music would reach so many people around the world.
Music was just something that I always loved to do. Like so many things in life, the best things happen when you aren't really trying. 

I feel very fortunate and grateful for all the amazing fans around the world who have brought so much life to the songs I have written! 
I never dreamed in a million years that any of this would happen!

Entrevista / Interview - Tom Keifer