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OVERDOSE - Eric Brittingham - Part 1

Gente, desculpem pela demora! Tive uns probleminhas aí... Começa hoje a Overdose de Eric Brittingham... Hoje a mulherada morre! kkkkkkkkk


Cinderella, the band from Philadelphia discovered by Jon Bon Jovi in 1985 would become a true Cinderella story. Things like health issues with vocalist Tom Keifer's throat, a stroke with Eric Brittingham in 2006...Well, the band made it through and 25 years later they are, in my humble opinion, the best damn Hair Metal Band ever! Bar none. Don't even try to say otherwise...Just don't.

Hey Eric..How you doing?
Pretty good. How are you?

Can't complain. So, did you ever think, that 25 years later you'd be here still doing this?
No, I thought we'd be running the world. (laughs) That's your goal but I thought maybe going back to college. We're fortunate enough to be able to out and do shows, pay bills...

Is there any, one defining moment in the history of Cinderella that you will never forget?
I don't know, there are lots of good memories but, the early days. It was like everything was like a whirlwind. I wish it would of happened a little bit slower so I could have taken it in. It was like, the early days of MTV, we did a video and it just exploded. Our record had been out for just a few weeks and it went gold, it was crazy. So if there was any "defining" moment, you didn't have a chance to bask in it.

I pretty much took the ride with you only from the fans stand point. Any good stories from your early days hanging with people like Bon Jovi, or bands like Poison?
Yeah but most of them I can't tell. But it was like our very first time around, our first arena tour and they were a little rough on us. I guess it's like anybody else, it's like a competition. We got messed with like cutting our lights down and all that crap but we found a way around everything, that's the funny thing. We always hung out with the Motley Crue guys, and they would always kinda compensate, but we always got along with all the bands we toured with. We always had a blast. I can tell ya we would always do barbeques on our days off, we would circle the buses and we'd be out by the pool.

That's a nice look inside. From the exterior, we never saw any animosity or ill will within the far as I could tell.
We had plenty of that but we don't air our laundry. It's more like brothers, like you yell and stuff like that because it's more like a family. We could read each other pretty well.

With that being said. What kind of roles does each member of the band play? Maybe start with Tommy. Is he a businessman, comedian, or what?
He basically manages the band. We have a manager, I don't know why but...Fred is more of the "clown" and he's the youngest and Jeff and I are like the middle children I guess. Jeff's more of the hell raiser I guess, or always was. I was the kid that always got hurt.

What is something you or one of the guys likes to do that might surprise us?
Outside of the bands?

Yeah, like, hypothetically speaking of course, maybe someone likes to go our dressed up in girls' clothing while roller skating.
I don't think I would go there.

No. Screw that. I don't like to do anything that is actually like, life threatening. I don't like messing with animals that could actually eat you. It's like...Why mess with an alligator? You see guys like, hmmm, let me stick my hand in it's mouth, fricking stupid. I'm not the daredevil at all. I guess I'm a real practical kind of person. I'm like 51 years old and I have two young daughters, so it would be like...What are you thinking? It's like geeze, you were out of the woods.

Well even if you didn't get back with Cinderella you went back in the woods with Naked Beggars with your wife.
Yep, we did that, I guess we did that for about 4 or 5 years. We did 3 records but never really got it off the ground. We were just slepping around trying to build a fan base, it never really met the expectations that we had. You know, the clock was clicking, so we decided to have a couple of kids but we are still writing and recording some things, and she still wants to do another record, so...

Cool. So you were originally raised not far from here in Salisbury?
It was actually Berlin, just outside of Ocean City but was born in Salisbury. Where are you out of?

We're out of Baltimore.
Oh, that's where I'm at right now.

Yeah, I'll be there to see ya tonight, not sure why we had to do this on the phone but...So let's rap this up with a couple of rapid fire questions. Tell me the first thing you think of when I say...Lita Ford.
We just did a show with her about a week ago. I met her and she was really cool, I had no expectations but she was really nice. She still sounds great.

Yeah, she played the M-3 Festival the year after you did and we sat down with her. She's like the Godmother of Metal "Hair" bands.
Yeah it was cool, I was like playing outdoors and it was hot, and I wanted a beer, and I didn't have any time and I'm like playing and out of my peripheral vision I see something and it was Lita Ford bringing me a beer. Unfortunately I needed both hands to play guitar so she just poured a drink in my mouth and she gave me two thumbs up and walked off.

Favorite car?
Lotus Turbo III

Favorite color?
Probably white or black. In a car, white, in clothes, black.

Which reminds me, you switched hair color. Which one is natural, white or black?
The white. I'm naturally blonde, now I'm So white or black, I'm just not ready to go gray.

Favorite food?
Chicken wings. But since I'm in Baltimore, I definitely gotta go to Phillips for Crab Imperial, gotta do it.

Alright, first thing you think of when I say Ozzy Osbourne?
Ummm, crazy. (laughing) In a good way.

Yeah of course. Axl Rose?
Prima-donna. I'm sorry but...You know. You think you are Guns and Roses

(Oh yes, I do know, first hand) I got stories I could tell ya but...Dio?
Like, awesome. He's like the definition of Metal.

Rap music?
(laughs)I guess I just answered that with a laugh.

Hey be careful, Queensryche has a "Rap" song out now.
Well there you go.

Favorite TV show?
Probably CSI.

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